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Since ranting has been on my mind this week (thanks totherealljidol ), I did a search in the global OED (thanks, Harvard) for the meaning of "rant". Below is what it turned up. I find it interesting that several of the results are for languages other than English. I also quite like the idea of a rant being a jig. Hurrah for dancing!

Finally--before I let you get your rant on--the LiveJournal voting is now up here. I'm still in the second tribe, tirbe rm.

1. rant
Old Eng. 17th‐cent. dance of the jig variety. It originated in Scotland and N. England. Four examples occur in Playford's The Dancing Master ( 1657 and 1665 revisions).

2. rant
†be uproariously merry; declaim in an extravagant manner. XVI . — Du. † ranten talk foolishly, rave.
(From The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology in English Language Reference)

3. rant
• ant , Brabant, Brandt, brant, cant, enceinte, extant, gallant, Kant, levant, pant, pointe, pointes, rant, scant • confidant • commandant • hierophant • Rembrandt • Amirante • gallivant • aren't , aslant, aunt, can't, chant, courante, détente, ...

5. rant vi
~ [and rave] inveire ; what's he ~ing on about? cosa sta blaterando?
(From The Pocket Oxford Italian Dictionary (English-Italian) in Bilingual Dictionaries)

6. rant
intransitive verb ~ [and rave] wettern ugs. ( about über + Akk. ); ~ at anschnauzen ugs.
(From The Concise Oxford German Dictionary (English-German) in Bilingual Dictionaries)
déclamer; to ~ and rave tempêter ( at contre ); to ~ on divaguer ( about sur ).
to rant about something bheith ag radaireacht faoi rud .

9. rant vi
superbe loquor [3] ; bacchor [1]
(From The Pocket Oxford Latin Dictionary (English-Latin) in Classics)

abbr. for regulated upon activation, normal T‐cell expressed and secreted chemokine; other names : small inducible cytokine A5; a chemokine secreted by T cells and macrophages on stimulation by mitogens, that acts as a chemoattractant, and stimulates ...

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