peta (peta_andersen) wrote,

Tiredness & Voting Time Again

It's that time in therealljidol again - voting. If you'd like to vote for me, you can do so here; I'm in the second tribe, tribe rm, and not doing so well. Which is also true on the home front - sometime late Saturday night, I started coughing.

I'm still coughing, which is limiting my computer time. Why? Loud, dry, hacking coughs have a tendency to make the head spin...

Finally - a couple of folks from therealljidol with great entries this week - intrepia  and edith_jones . Mind, there are a lot of very good entries, but these two really stuck with me this week.

Tomorrow, coughing stay willing, I'm going to post a couple of book reviews, and catch up on general work. 'Til then.

Tags: lj idol, me, voting

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