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Update and Contest Link

It's been a long, long time! I'm sorry I haven't been saying much or answering emails - pregnancy really took it out of me, and I had a lot of trouble in the latter trimesters, ending up on bed rest. But I have had my little baby now (pictures to come)!

His name is Mir, and he's 1 month old today (which means I'm slowly managing to get back to work). He's also 9 lbs and 7.6 oz of today, a whole 2 lbs and 7.6 oz more than his birth weight! I'm getting triceps now, people!

Anyway, since it's been so long since I posted, here's something useful for all the fiction writers out there - there are submission guidelines over at Robert Swartwood's blog, for a hint fiction anthology. If you're interested, check it out here.

And now, off to attend to Mir's bleating - it's feeding time.

As I said, pictures to come (hopefully by tomorrow), and a nice proper update. (This one is just to let you know we're still alive!)

Happy Wednesday, people!

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